Claiming 2013

Year 2012 has been half-half for me—half bad and half good. Although a lot has happened, I can’t help but feel dissatisfied about the fact that I wasted so much time, effort and money on trivial stuff, on things that did not at all matter. e.g. slacking, impulsive shopping, surfing the net, etc.  As 2013 approached, I realized I’m turning 27 this year, yet I felt I have achieved so little in my life and am not getting any younger. While I took for granted the moments that I can never turn back in 2012, I feel that 2013 is a promising start to a better me.

So here goes my resolution list for this year:

  1. Cherish moments especially with people who mean the most to me. I belong to a big family and rarely do we get a chance to eat together, go malling or travel together these days. So when events where everyone or at least most of us are present, I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures.
  2. Save up, yet prioritize the things that are necessary. Spend less on luxury excluding books, travel and quality food. (This is something hard, but I promise to limit my spending on fast food, clothes, bags (since I have too many of them in my stash, and mobile credit!)
  3. Prioritize health. This year will not end without me paying a visit to my dentist, getting bridge for my molars, and having my bi-annual kidney check-up.
  4. Laugh and smile more, lessen negativity. Grumpy is my  last name. I am almost always angry.  Also, I want to be exactly like my favorite grandmother—she was a kind of person who would greet you with a smile every morning,  very calm, always smiling, never angry, and very generous.  Getting mad or annoyed easily is stressful, puts wrinkles on my face, and not healthy at all. Plus it stresses other people as well, and I don’t want to grow old being hated by everyone around me.
  5. Love. Love my family, friends, my long-time serious boyfriend, work, even chores at home. The first 3 are never a challenge, because I’ve always been close to them but the last 2 need a lot of courage and a constant reminder that I’m not making anyone benefit from it, but am doing it for myself.

keep calm 2013

I know this isn’t just another list of new year’s resolutions that most people do just for the heck of it. Some of my influences aside are travel stories, bohemian-themed blogs, and the book titled, “The Happiness Project”.  I’ve always been someone who dispise those whose lives have no direction, but I feel that mine has to go somewhere better. This year, I am not aiming worldly things, fame or filthy wealth. I am opting  for a more relaxed, tranquil and blissful, yet responsible and organized way of life. So here’s to 2013!


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