Meditation: Gratitude and Commitment

There are lots of delightful things to be grateful for, and for that, my yoga practice today was quite different. Instead of beginning with mountain pose followed by sun salutation, I sat with legs crossed, palms facing upwards, eyes closed. I concentrated on my breathing and began meditating on all the significant things that happened the entire week–good or bad that I should be grateful for. Then I proceeded with my usual routine. Towards the end, while on a corpse pose, one of my favorite relaxing poses, I made a little tweak as to what to contemplate on. This time, aside from giving thanks, I focused on my area of improvements, and made myself a few commitments I should strive to abide by:

1. I shall avoid thinking ill of others.
2. Never welcome jealousy. It only brings negativity.
3. “Save up, yet prioritize the things that are necessary” (one of my new year’s resolutions that I need to be constantly reminded about as I have the tendency to forget about it)

I reflected on those as I may have failed to embrace positivity this week and let anger and envy rule my thoughts and emotions. Also, I might have splurged (a little) the past few days, and I think I will have to stop right there and not elaborate further. I think it’s a serious offense I made there (breaking my resolution) so I’m gonna need a different blog post for this. LOL.
So there, I hope you try to make these two short meditations part of your yoga routine because it helps you reflect, evaluate yourself, open up internally, and draw in positive energy for a more blissful life and a better you! Namaste


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